Prada reopens Plaza 66 store in Shanghai with new retail concept

The new Prada boutique at Plaza 66 in Shanghai, comprising three levels of luxurious salons, embraces the intimate customer experience, a new concept which will be implemented at other flagship stores

In pursuit of this intensely personal experience, the entirety of the long-established Prada store has been reimagined. The external façade, overlooking Shanxi Road to the right of the Plaza 66 entrance, pays homage to Franco-Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez*. The effect is at once playful and majestic: a striking kinetic art piece that appears to move with the viewer. Inside, a black marble façade unifies the three tiers of the store.

Large windows reveal the interior, providing passers-by with a glimpse of the luxurious ambience: velvet, marble, Perspex, glass. Here Prada reconsiders the domestic environment in a retail setting, inviting visitors into a space where comfort is paramount.

The Red Salon

The red salon pays tribute to China with walls of floral jacquard and velvet-lined niches for luxury leather goods and the most precious articles. The salon is small, drawing visitors to engage in a unique moment with each piece.

The Green Salon

The green salon engages with the Prada green in an intimate space: deep green panelling and green marbleshelves display women’s leather goods and small leather articles.