Prada launches most spectacular ad campaign of the year

Realized by Luke Gilford in collaboration with Miuccia Prada and narated by Jane Fonda, PRADA launches a stunning advertising video for the Fall Winter 2013-24 Collection. Prada’s video which may appear disturbing is entitled “The Future of Flesh”, with a powerful message on cosmetic surgery and the length both young and elderly women will go to fight aging. As with most other such campaigns, Prada uses the ad as self irony, kindling reflection and meditation. Luke Gilford

“A central characteristic of fashion is that it evolves through time. As a culture, we’ve recently begun to think of the body in this way as well,” Gilford explains. “Compare magazine covers over the decades, you’ll see how much hair and physique change with the clothes. Now as body modification accelerates, facial features and bone structure are changing as well. The body is beginning to merge with fashion in very interesting ways. Google Glass, for example, is both a fashion statement and a portal into virtual worlds. I find this sexy as well as strange – a science fiction fantasy becoming a reality. The title itself – The Future of Flesh – is a nod toward this evolution.”

An editorial feature comprising photographs shot by Gilford during production on The Future of Flesh appears in the current issue of Document Journal magazine, on news stands now.