Prada firmly consolidates Milan’s position as an art driven metropolis

The May 2015 opening of Prada‘s Fondazione Prada in Rem Koolhaas’s imaginative reinvention of a former distillery in Lago Isarco, in the south of the city, is expected to consolidate Milan’s position as major player in the global contemporary art scene.

Its 10, seven of them original, three of them new buildings will play host both to highlights of the foundation’s permanent collection of contemporary art as well as temporary exhibitions. The opening program of PRADA MUSEO (Museum) will feature a show curated by the Italian archaeologist Salvatore Settis that explores the idea of editions and series in classical art. In addition there will be a cinema, library and restaurant, plus a bar designed by the film director Wes Anderson.

Fondazione Prada in Milan opens right in timp for EXPO MILAN 2015.

Prada Museum (Museo) Milan opening 2015