Prada creates abstract digital campaign with ambiguous objectives

Italian luxury house of PRADA released on Monday a microsite for the Prada Parallel Universes campaign that presents digital animations by graphic designer and artist Vahram Muratyan that contain drawings of Prada’s Spring / Summer men’s and women’s accessories such as handbags, shoes and glasses. Teaser images were released via Facebook beginning April 24 with a vague explanation, which seems to be a tactic to create interest for Prada’s design inspiration.

Prada began teasing the digital drawings via its Facebook account where it announced the Prada Parallel Universes campaign. These images are in the same style that artist Mr. Muratyan used in his popular graphic book called “Paris versus New York.” One of the images features a faceless woman with long brown hair wearing Prada’s Dixie sunglasses. Another shows a pair of Teddy sunglasses with small person golfing on the top rim.

Prada explained the images with ambiguous text on the microsite that said, “The creative path imaged by graphic designer and artist Vahram Muratyan is a virtual road paved with Prada 2012 spring/summer men’s and women’s accessories, which highlights through rapid and intuitive movements two parallel universes that meet under the auspices of Prada style.”

For example, the first image shows a woman wearing Prada Dixie Sunglasses. It appears that she is driving a car, but she is actually holding the handle of a Pyramide bag.

Prada is also presenting actual photos of a pair of shoes from its Real Fantasies collection on the microsite. The drawings will be used to create T-shirt collection that will be sold at Prada flagship stores, according to a report from Women’s Wear Daily.

While Prada’s abstract campaign might appeal to a relatively small group of affluent consumers who are familiar with the art world, there seems to be no sense of desirability or aspiration which consumers might relate to, says Oliver Petcu of CPP, adding that if the sole reason of the campaign was to create a buzz and draw attention, than the objective has certainly been fulfilled. Unfortunately, the campaign is hardly one to remember or to create a certain association with brand values.