Prada CEO: “The market is difficult for all but I do not see a system in crisis”

The market is difficult, but we got to a settling point. I do not see a system in crisis, but we must properly evaluate the impact of the digital’: said Patrizio Bertelli, CEO of Prada, at the Milan Fashion Global Summit. speaking of see-now buy now Bertelli said “Before jumping we must take into account the tight schedule of production that always affects us, especially with the woman ”

“Many times there is no reasonable timing and proper planning of the industrial project. There is not enough time to deliver the women’s collections and this leads to an increase of costs. ”

“Shorten the time investing in digital, one of the development issues, is critical, but we must keep an eye on the income statement,” explained Bertelli.

In his speech the entrepreneur, besides taking care of Industry 4.0, has not lost sight of the big picture, focusing on political and economic situation: “If politics had taken to heart of the industry’s problems, probably some company would have faced the development in more serene.”

Patrizio Bertelli, Prada

He added: “This is a tough market for everyone. We arrived at these volumes, we are in a phase of physiological settling after a very violent growth. I do not see a systemic crisis. “