Porsche maps out new targets on early achievements

Porsche’s management will soon be drawing up a new expansion plan for the next 5 years, beyond existing targets as the carmaker comes within reach of a 200,000-sales goal according to Reuters. A growing push into sport-utility vehicles (SUVs), spurred by the new Macan model which has sold out eight months of production before hitting German dealerships in April, may push Porsche sales to that level in 2015, three years earlier than targeted, Chief Executive Matthias Mueller said on Tuesday.

Porsche’s seven-member management board is pondering a new roadmap that might stretch until 2023, two sources said on Thursday. Porsche’s existing “Strategy 2018″, drawn up in 2011, also lays out a profit margin of more than 15 percent. Porsche’s nine-month margin stood at 18 percent.