PIPER HEIDSIECK’s new owner, the Descours family plan a very selective luxury positioning strategy

On Tuesday this week, EPI Group, which also owns French luxury shoemaker Weston and children ready to wear Bonpoint, has completed the purchase of champagne brand Piper Heidsieck, for an alleged 412 million euros. 

EPI Group is owned by the very discreet Descours family which has made its fortune in mass market shoes with Andre (Vivarte). Christopher Descours, 37, the company’s President and CEO advised in an interview to French daily Le Figaro, that the acquisition of Piper Heidsieck is not just another brand being added to the group’s portfolio. He said EPI is planning a very selective luxury positioning strategy for Piper Heidsieck drawing on its French heritage and on the legendary French savoire faire and lifestyle.