Pierre Berge and Yves Saint Laurent, une histoire d’amour

Pierre Berge and Yves Saint Laurent

Pierre Berge met Yves Saint Laurent in 1958, in Paris. At the time, Yves Saint Laurent was working with Christian Dior. In less than a year, Pierre Berge convinced Yves Saint Laurent to set up his own ”maison”. Those were the early days of the YSL brand but also the start of an incredible love story. They worked together, they breathed together…they depended on each other. With the love of his life by his side, Yves Saint Laurent was to make history and it has !

In a recent interview to the French media, Mr Pierre Berge gave a very blunt reply: ”Haute Couture no longer exists…today’s maisons do no longer respond to the needs of the customer of this century”. He also spoke highly of his boyfriend and life time partners ” Yves Saint Laurent made history…his creations revolutionized the fashion world in the same manner as Miss Coco Chanel did”.

Last week, for the first time in over a decade especially since the death of his partner, Pierre Berge first attended a fashion show. He chose to attend the GIVENCHY show as he believed the designer Ricardo Tisci has been delivering exceptional creations which are revitalizing the famous French brand. Mention should also be made that Mr Pierre Berge, a very wealthy and influential figure of French high society is also a big philantropist donating millions to AIDS charities. One his most favorite businesses for the past decade has been TETU, the leading lifestyle magazine for gay men in Europe. Published in France, TETU is sold in all French speaking countries and in a relatively short existance has reached the highest status among gay mens magazines. TETU is both fashionable and social, dealing with all social issues which still discriminate and isolate gay men from the rest of society.

Mr Berge refuses to speak about the current state of the Yves Saint Laurent which is owned by the GUCCI GROUP. As reported by CPP at the beginning of March, the YSL has been for more than 5 years the worst performing brands of GUCCI GROUP, accummulating huge debts. Although Pierre Berge and Mr Yves Saint Laurent did not approve of TOM FORD, YSL thrived during his creative work. Italian Stefano Pilati followed in the steps of Tom Ford and has been for more than 3 years the Creative Director and designer of YSL. Despite his exceptional talent and creativity he hasn’t managed to produce sellable collections, the mens line being has been pulled out of many flagship stores.