Oscar Muñoz exhibition in Paris at Jeu de Paume, opens this Summer

One of Colombia’s most influential contemporary artists, Oscar Muñoz will be celebrated in a new exhibition at Jeu de Paume.

Born in 1951, Muñoz produces art that defies easy categorisation, as he works across a number of themes and genres: from photography and printmaking to video, paintings, drawings and installations.

This new exhibition, “Protographs”, demonstrates Muñoz’s interest in memory and loss; “Protograph” is a concept invented by the artist that refers to the moment before a photograph is taken. The show will display work created over the course of a 40-year stretch of the artist’s career, including everything from charcoal on paper pieces to works made using coffee and other uncommon materials.

3rd June – 21st September

Oscar Munoz exhibition in Paris at Jeu-de-Paume