Orlebar Brown gears up for a 50 million pound sale

Luxury British swimwear label Orlebar Brown, is preparing to make a splash in unchartered waters as it reportedly gears up for a 50 million pound sale.

The high-end label, best known for its tailored swimming trunks favored by the likes of Ryan Reynolds, Michael Fassbender and David Gandy, is said to have hired business advisors from Cavendish Corporate Finance to explore future options for the company, according to a report from the Telegraph.

Orlebar Brown, founded by photographer Adam Brown in 2007, is likely to attract significant interest from private equity firms if it is headed for a sale. The brand, which sells swim trunks ranging from 95 to 395 pounds, is expected to hit 23 million pounds in turnover this year, as overseas interest in Orlebar Brown continues to surge.

Interest in the luxury label first grew after Daniel Craig donned a pair of its blue swimming trunks as James Bond in ‘Skyfall’. David Cameron was also photographed wearing a pair of the labels pool shorts on his first holiday since leaving office, bolstering interest in Orlebar Brown once more.

Orlebar Brown