One of the great palace hotels of the world

Walking through the sumptuous marble lobby, you will discover THE most beautiful flower arrangements of any luxury hotels, worldwide. As this is the summer season, I was amazed by the lavish arrangements of purple royal orchids, gladiolas, magnolias and hortensia flowers. During my stay, it was such a delight to watch people take pleasure in simply watching or observing the flowers arrangements or others, more daring, taking photos. Their effect is incredible, bringing an almost instant smile to the faces of the passers-by. 

For the summer season the courtyard garden Has been decorated with THE theme of ”Purple Rain”, with a ceiling of natural purple orchids (with roots hanging) and a transparent glass waterfall, providing an idyllic setting for spending the most relaxing time in an oasis in the middle of such a busy city.

Built by André Terrail, the owner of legendary restaurantTour d’Argent at a cost of US$ 31 million the hotel which opened its doors in 1928 and has remained a hotel ever since. The hotel is housed in a historical palace with influences of the lavish Louis VI style, in pastel colours, white marble and classic furniture. The hotel has undergone extensive renovations in 1999 and 2008.

 In less than two years from my previous stay, I was really pleased to discover a wealth of important improvements, such as the newly renovated rooms and suites. The refurbishment has maintained the classic, timeless style of the hotel, infusing, at the same time, an air of freshness and cosiness at. The subtle blend of ivory, sunflower yellow and pigeon grey of the interior design as well as the white furniture provide a feel of comfort and warmth. Needless to say, beds are heavenly with two layers of special mattresses.

Rooms have also been updated technologically, with state of the art large LCD TV sets which feature a wide choice of international TV channels, mostly in HD as well as digital movies. The lighting system has also been improved, an Ipod station and a DVD player having been added. A mirror enclosed TV set has been placed in the bathroom together with a digital clock.

But probably the most impressive aspect about the hotel is the flawless quality of its customer service. With a staff/guest ratio higher than at major other international luxury hotels, service is genuine, intuitive and very warm. Interaction and communication with guests feels unique, it’s almost like sharing mutual respect. You feel like you belong, like you are part of a family and this is where the true soul of the hotel comes to life.  The entire team recognizes you by name from the minute you step off the taxi on arrival throughout your entire stay.

Despite its small size, the SPA is incredibly well managed, with top professionals and a wide range of treatments. Make sure you do not miss the hotel’s unique magnolia signature treatment and the steamed orange blossom body scrub treatment called ”A stroll to Versailles”, inspired by Marie Antoinette’s beauty secrets. It is also one of the few luxury hotels in heart of the capital city to feature an indoor swimming pool.  

If you still wondered which palace this is….Four Seasons George V, Paris; Flowers by Jeff Leatham

Oliver Petcu