Omega announces its own testing procedure for the entire watch, guaranteed by METAS

Since 1862 METAS stands for independent testing and certifying, METAS also officially controls the testing procedures of COSC and now will officially certify  the quality of Omega watches and calibres.

The new METAS-test not only controls the deviation of a caliber, but also its performance under real life conditions and it includes the entire watch. METAS will control the watch to withstand 15.000 Gauss and a guarantee a deviation from 0 to + 5 seconds a day under different conditions and temperatures. Plus various testing procedures guaranteeing the watch to be waterproof. Each watch is tested under water.

All testing prodedures and results are accessible for the customer after buying his watch. Everything is transparent, even the testing procedure at the Omega headquarters in Biel in Switzerland. But the new METAS-test is not only reserved for Omega. Every company can test its watches under the conditions of the new METAS-test.

Omega Speedmaster 2014