OBEROI Dubai: Sleek, Contemporary, Luxury

A true global luxury hospitality institution and a national pride of India, the OBEROI has established itself today as a market leader, irrespective of the destination of its outpost. Dubai, where the Oberois opened a business hotel, less than 2 years ago, is no exception.

With the realistic goal dictated by its location, OBEROI Dubai is today one of the city’s finest business hotels, with an impeccable service standard which, in housekeeping or Front Office exceeds even the highest Oberoi standards at properties in India.

As with other OBEROI properties, Dubai provided to be a ”family affair”, having, myself, forged friendships based on the memories and moments which were so effortlessly and graciously brought to life during my brief stay. From a treatment of the Spa which transformed my experience into a discovery of the Kerala rivers to the incessant attention to details in every single corner of the hotel, OBEROI could not have been more OBEROI in Dubai.

The pride which exuded through all my pores while at the OBEROI Dubai has been a priceless encounter with the essence of luxury in hospitality – genuine service extended through mutual respect. And I could not help but carry on the same pride ”factor”. Just imagine my immaculately pressed Zegna shirt with the ”OBEROI treat” placed on my bed at another hotel with the purpose of a dedicated photoshoot…

Beyond the facilities, which rigorously match the highest expectations of the most discerning business traveler with lavishly sized rooms – all with floor to ceiling glass window – complemented by an outdoor swimming pool and a roof-top lounge with panoramic views of the city’s landmark skyline), OBEROI Dubai is about the Oberoi family! A rare luxury Spa professional (Bimo) and a most young but talented PR professional (Anirudh) will forever stay in my journey memories of Dubai and beyond.

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Oliver Petcu in Dubai

OBEROI Dubai Premier Room