New York’s latest Michelin starred restaurants


While this Scandinavian restaurant had already made the list, it was bumped up to two stars this year, thanks to new chef Emma Bengtsson, the only female chef in New York City to earn two stars.

La Vara

This Brooklyn Spanish restaurant serves a wide variety of tapas as well as an excellent paella.


This elegant Lincoln Center restaurant offers tasting menus as well as vegetarian dinners. Notable dishes include Sea Urchin Panna Cotta with Chilled Ocean Consommé and Caviar, and Crisp Sweetbreads with Pickled Crudité and Raisin-Mustard Emulsion.


Piora translates as “to blossom” from Korean, and the restaurant manages to beautifully fuse Korean and Italian techniques and tastes to create exceptional dishes that truly blossom with flavor.

Zabb Elee

East Village Isan Thai restaurant serves some of the spiciest food in town! Visit for larb and khao toam, a variety of stir-fry dishes served over flavorful pandanus rice.

ZZ’s Clam Bar

The menu at ZZ’s is basic but so indulgent: ceviche, crude, tartar and seared and cured fish make up the menu, all enjoyable with a special house cocktail.

New York’s ‘ZZ Clam Bar’, Michelin Starred Restaurant