New luxury boutique hotel opens in Hong Kong, the Mira Moon designed by Marcel Wanders

Mira Moon is the latest luxury boutique hotel to open in Hong Kong in the Wan Chai area. With interiors designed by Marcel Wanders, the mood of the 91 room Mira Moon hotel is inspired by one of the oldest Chinese folk-stories, involving Hou Yi, who shot down nine suns, as well as moon goddess Chang’e and her magical companion on the moon, the Jade Rabbit. To match the story, the hotel interiors are infused with whimsical floral patterns and Chinese tradition, and the moon is a symbol heavily used in the hotel, including the naming of hotel rooms “New Moon,” “Half Moon,” “Full Moon” and “Moonshine.”

The hotel logo shows a simple but instantly recognizable silhouette of a rabbit in front of the moon, on the one end of the lobby corridor is a wooden screen that depicts two rabbits gazing up at a full moon, while flowers and clouds adorn the rest of the image. The pattern also extends to the rooms including a tiled bathroom wall, a large rug, and a sculpted wooden door.

Rates per night range from US$515 to US$5.800

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