New Apple installation takes over the Selfridges, London

Conceived to mark the opening of Apple’s store-within-a-store concept at Selfridges , the series draws inspiration from the Apple Watch experience by transforming its faces into creative installations.

For the new installation, a range of blooming flowers (including yellow poppies, especially fitting for Selfridges) were photographed in stop-motion, with some flowers requiring more than 24,000 shots over 285 hours. For the windows, all eight variations of flowers have been scaled and hand-painted by artists, the sculpting process as equally painstaking and meticulous as the original photography.

The installation comprises a remarkable 24 large, 50 medium and 5,525 small flowers, plus 240 slightly larger ‘small-plus’ flowers, each created via different methods. For example, the large and medium flowers were crafted from cast resin, while the smaller components were 3D printed.

‘We are thrilled that the flowers of the Apple Watch face have inspired such a beautiful design and to see it come to life in this amazing installation, reflected in all 24 of Selfridges’ historic windows,’ says Paul Deneve, Apple’s vice president of special projects. (Paul Deneve is the former CEO of Yves Saint Laurent).

Since Selfridges’ first launched its window displays in 1909 (a recreation of scenes from paintings by Antoine Watteau and Jean-Honoré Fragonard), it’s the first and only time all of its windows have been dedicated to one product.

adapted from Wallpaper