Nespresso owner Nestle collaborates with bed company Caspar to open sleep cafes in Tokyo

Giant FMCG group Nestlé which owns coffee brand Nespresso and bed company Caspar have collaborated for the second time on persuading busy Tokyoites to get some much needed shut-eye. The two businesses opened a Nap café situated in the Ginza shopping neighbourhood and the activation is a repeat of a similar concept that popped up in Harajuku in March this year.

With the Japanese slated as the second most sleep deprived nation on earth, second only to Koreans, apparently, the Ginza Nap Café at the Ginza Chairs complex is aimed at people needing to catch up on their rest.

In a room kitted out with a dozen beds set at angles to each other you can go and buy a short 30-minute power nap or settle in for a three-hour dream session.

In addition to the beds there are sleeping tables equipped with special foam pillows that support your head and neck off the table. Each sleep session come with a timer and light activated eye mask.

Nap Cafe Ginza, Tokyo by Nestle