Mr. CAP – the pampering your luxury car needs

It is no longer a mystery that owning a car dealership is one of the most profitable businesses in the auto sector. And should you opt for luxury car brands such as Bentley, Ferrari or Maserati, your business can only flourish if it has the right environment. There are many rich people who want to (re)affirm their status between their peers or in society in general, by purchasing what some might call a ridiculously expensive automobile…or two, or even more. And why shouldn’t you? You certainly can afford it and driving an expensive high-class car always gives you an inexplicable thrill. However the interesting part begins after you have owned that car for a couple of month and its ‘new’ look starts to fade. What are you going to do when your ’baby’ no longer shines like it did when it was first driven out the factory gates? Or when the interior starts giving out a rather lack luster kind of vibe? The answer couldn’t be simpler. Go to Mr. CAP!

Mr. CAP is none other than the Swedish company that is the market leader on the car maintenance segment. They use their own secret ‘magic’ patented ingredients and techniques to make the inside and outside of your car look like new. Or even better. And the results are stunning. Experts say that the paint which covers most luxury cars these days is very much similar to human skin. It has pores that need regular and careful cleaning, just like the owner’s epidermis. The innovative process put forth by the Mr. CAP specialists begins with a thorough inspection of the inside and outside of the automobile to help establish the exact treatment that needs to be applied. The best way to characterize this entire activity is contained in two words: custom made. Every car has its own specifications and requirements, thus Mr. CAP makes sure that a personalized treatment is devised for each luxury automobile, so that both ‘baby’ and ‘parent’ feel pampered.

So much for the advantages of the client. Now let’s take a look at what the owners of the business have to gain. To put it briefly and quite straightforward, the concept of such a business is nothing short of a stroke of entrepreneurial genius. There are many companies that sell luxury automobiles, but too few that offer the post-sale maintenance. Mr. CAP has managed to tackle a virgin segment of the market and has established itself as the absolute leader. Just to prove how lucrative this business idea is, Mr. CAP is already present in 11 countries, including Romania, and has daring plans of continuing its expansion through franchising. The Romanian luxury automobile market is still growing, at a slower rate than before, that’s true, but still defying the financial crisis. It appears that those passionate about cars spare no expense when it comes to satisfying their tastes. The downside (because there always is one) expressed by many expensive cars owners was that there was no one on the market to offer a custom-made maintenance service worthy of the car brand. Now they can rest at peace, as Mr. CAP has exploded onto the Romanian market and its popularity is growing.

From an entrepreneurial point of view, purchasing the Mr. CAP franchise and bringing it to Romania during a time of general financial difficulties, proved to be a most intelligently devised plan. The economic crisis has obviously made the car fanatics cherish their most prized possessions even more now that they have to rethink a tad their spending habits. So there could not have been a better time for Mr. CAP to enter market than when ‘old’ cars needed a little polish. The combination between the exquisite Swedish know-how in the car maintenance business and the entrepreneurial vision of a very inspired businessman may result in a staggeringly profitable and durable business. We applaud these types of business ideas and encourage many more visionary entrepreneurs to put their great minds to work and come up with even more interesting business opportunities.

Mircea Filimon