MR CAP, Swedish innovation and customer service for luxury cars

In today’s fast moving economic environment, innovation is key to any business, regardless of industry. In premium and luxury services sectors, especially in services, innovation goes hand in hand with product quality and customer service. CPP-LUXURY.COM has recently interviewed Johan Englund, a Swedish entrepreneur behind the MR CAP business.

How did you come up with the idea of launching Mr Cap ?

Mr CAP was already established in many other eastern European contrys like Russia, Estonia, Kazakhstan so we knew there was a need and demand for our services in the Romanian market. I think this demand will grow for many years to come, since people here appreciate their car and wants it to look great for a long time.

Your target are passionate owners of cars, especially luxury cars, both new old. In this respect, how would you position Mr Cap as a brand?

We are the market leader and are now in 10 countries and 13 markets, the latest Mr CAP opened in Dubai last year. We have our own research department and our own developed products, this makes us unique and guarantees a great product.

What is the core aspect of the Mr Cap philosophy ? What makes people come back and use your services?

We believe that ever car owner wants to drive an attractive car which diminishes very little in value. Mr CAP specializes in just one area: to refine, protect and improve our customer’s cars, with particular emphasis on the cars exterior and interior standard. When our customers has done a Mr CAP service then they really understand the value of it and wants to maintain that standard of their car.

Emerging markets such as Romania, where you have an operation, do not have salon services for cars, except for regular mechanical and engineering service. Do you see a potential in establishing premium car wash services ? and/or other similar services.

We already have a full palette of services ranging from our exclusiv hand wash called WashAll to our full service treatment called MasterTreatment. We also have different services for cars that has a bad smell or odor (example cigarette smoke) for cars that has been in a fire and other services for cars that has other problem areas.

How accessible are Mr Cap services? Which are the most popular types of services?

Our most popular services is our FormulaU exterior service, which takes away surface scratches and afterwards is paint protected, this service comes with a min, of one year guarantee. Our InteriorService for both leather and textile which inclcudes a chemical deep cleaning and impregnation of the leather and textile. And of course our MasterTreatment which is our full service treatment for both the exterior and interior of the car.

Your expansion strategy has been based on franchising. How do you ensure that the franchisee maintains the same level of service?

Our business is built on our own continual technology and product development, and is only available from licensed and certified Mr CAP shops. Every technician in a Mr CAP shop is trained either in Sweden or in our Master shop here in Bucharest. These shops will also have a strong and richly developed marketing and sales support system.

What is the profile of your typical loyal customer?

Someone with a car that has been on the roads for a couple of years and wants that new car shine back. Their car once represented a value, both emotional and physical to them and that value is no gone or low. They still like their car but is tired of that non shiny surface, an interior that is matt and not really clean. They come to Mr CAP to get that new car feeling back. And of course today we also have many customers that has a new car and nows about us, they understand the value of doing a preventive paint protection on the exterior and an impregnation of the interior.

Do you plan to expand outside capital cities, such as Bucharest ?

Yes, we are in the process of opening up Mr CAP shops on new locations in both Bucharest and other cities around Romania. There are many cities that has the potential to have succesfull Mr CAP shops.

What is the average investment in a franchise shop?

It depends on several things like the market area, if you already have a location etc. But for those interested in more information are more than welcome to call me, I would love to have them come over to the shop and visit us!