Motivating factors for private jet charter travel

Whether it is for the comfort of having an all-round concierge service which takes care of their needs from relaxing in the departures lounge, to the plane ride itself, the more affluent could have a number of reasons for preferring to get a private jet charter as opposed to commercial flights.

Instead of continuing with calculated guesses, Air Charter Service decided to conduct a survey and find the exact reasons their target audience chooses to fly privately. The survey was undertaken by a sample size of 1000 people across North America and spanning the 18 – 65+ age groups, with sub-divisions as 18 – 24, 25 – 34, 35 – 44, 45 – 54, 55 – 64, and 65+.

The first question is the most obvious: why would they choose to travel privately as opposed to commercially? In an overview, the top three reasons given were convenience, luxury, comfort and prestige. With the 35 – 44 year-old age group, 49 percent of them cited the convenience of avoiding long lines when checking in as their main reason. Additionally, the main age group which seeks out the comfort of a private flight is the 18 – 24 year-olds. Other possible reasons such as the private jet charter’s being business-based, to the plane’s being owned by friends received zero percent ratings accept for the 55 – 64 year-old. The latter group scored 3.6 percent for the more esoteric reasons for flying private.

For a more granular look at every age group and where they fall in the survey questions, beginning with the 18 – 24 year-olds:

  • 37.2 percent fly private for the luxury
  • 33.7 percent love the convenience of avoiding lines
  • 24.4 percent state the comfort of a private plane as their main reason for choosing private flight
  • 17.4 percent are drawn by the prestige of private travel
  • Finally, 15.1 percent find the idea of increased accessibility to their final destination as good reason for flying private

For the categories to follow regarding more focused or even esoteric reasons for flying privately as opposed to commercially: the percent in the 18 – 24 age group is zero; the 25 –34 year age group is also zero percent; while the 35 – 44 year-olds have the percentage as 1.3; for the 45 – 54 year-olds it stands at 2.8 percent; the 55 – 64 year-olds rest at 3.6 percent and lastly, for 65+ year-olds, the criteria presented only count for 1.8 percent of their decision to fly private:

  • business has and uses a private plane
  • company plane for use
  • corporate flight
  • corporate plane for business
  • having a dog or other form of pet
  • free flight
  • friend or acquaintance owned plane
  • I don’t know
  • client’s jet
  • it was a gift
  • medical travel
  • my boss has a private plane and I fly on it when he tells me to otherwise I fly commercial
  • price of the flight

Following the main result in the 18 – 24 age group, that is, their reasons for choosing a private chartered flight, none of the other age groups cohere with the reasons given by their youngest compatriots. Whereas the youngest 18 – 24 year-old group wants luxury as opposed to anything else, spanning the 25 – 34 year-old group to the very oldest 65+ age group, all of them are in agreement as to what makes them fly private: the convenience of avoiding the long check-in lines that all commercial flights have. And it seems the need for such a high level of convenience only increases with age.

The 65+ age group recorded 59.6 percent as getting private charters mainly for the convenience factor, followed by the second reason of increased accessibility to the final destination. The number one choice for 18 – 24 year-olds falls to the fourth position, with only 15.8 percent of 65+ flyers, preferring luxury.

Overall, when viewing the reasons the wealthy decide to fly privately, the common sense answers such as comfort, prestige and luxury may seem like the first ports of call; however, convenience comes out as the main driver for private air travel. The more accessible and the seamless the experience offered is likely to be, the more customers will keep coming back for more. It’s often said that consumers are willing to pay a premium price for superior services and the right experience, the research conducted proves just that.

For the more affluent, private jet transportation fulfills a need “They are money rich, time poor. The corporate jet is a way to deal with that” (quoted from a Bloomberg report) and this is why investment in this luxury centred service will be ongoing.

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