Moschino, a positive future outlook

In an exclusive interview to CPP-LUXURY.COM, Moschino CEO Alessandro Varisco spoke about the positive future outlook of the Italian house.

1. How did your company perform in 2014? Did any markets stand out positively /negatively?
In a context still dominated by the crisis, the company performed well, particularly in Italy, UK, US and in the Far East.

2. What are your expectations for 2015?
Our expectations are positive, we foresee a further growth due to the increased brand perception brought by Jeremy Scott. The categories interested will not be only the ready-to-wear but also the accessories.

3. Which regions / countries are your priority in terms of retail expansion? What is your preferred expansion model franchising vs DOS?
Top priority will be given to US, Far East and Europe.

4. How has your target consumer changed (if in any way) since the arrival of Jeremy Scott as Creative Director?
The target consumer has completely changed. Before it was a 40-45 years old consumer, now the range starts from 18 years for the most affordable items such as the t-shirts, accessories, etc…

5. What is your approach in terms of product development? How important is the split between the Moschino line and the Cheap and Chic line?
The product is contemporary, the first line is more trendy, the Boutique Moschino is more daily wear. It’s perfect for a working woman who chooses an iconic and POP fitting.

6. In terms of product development, which are the key novelties of 2015/2016?
There is a focus on the accessories and small items such as I-phone covers, belts, jewelry and shoes

7. What is your strategy regarding the ratio between accessories and ready to wear?
In a context of growth for both ready to wear and accessories, the latter is expected to grow more than proportionally due to the good sell through reported from the stores.

8. To what extent is Moschino as lifestyle brand? What defines Moschino as a luxury brand?
The payoff of Moschino is to be different, we have a lot of affordable products mixed with a lot of special and unique pieces. Therefore Moschino is a brand which appeals all customers.

9. Do you have plans to expand your extension into hotels?
At the moment we concentrate on our core businesses (rtw, accessories and shoes) and on the main licences (eyewear and perfumes). For the Hotel,  we will see in the next future!

Moschino CEO Alessandro Varisco