More wealthy Chinese consider online shopping

A recent study by KPMG has revealed that of the 538 million Chinese which regularly surf the internet, 40% of the wealthy Chinese interviewed have expressed a higher interest in shopping online, compared to only 22% in 2011. The main reason Chinese wealthy browse the internet is to compare products online (76% of those interviewed) and identify the lowest price (65%).

However, Chinese wealthy still refrain from actual online purchases (72%) for fear of buying a counterfeit product; 55% are concerned by after sales service and 39% point out to lack of payment security online.

According to the KPMG study release earlier this week, China imposes a 30% import tax on luxury goods, in some categories of products even up to 40%.

Montblanc concept flagship store Beijing; Emporio Armani store at Village North shopping complex in Sanlitun, Beijing