More than 20 years after the overthrow of communism, top wealthy Romanians still have very strong communist views

It has come to us as a great surprise that top wealthy Romanians, namely Dinu Patriciu (one of the 10 billionaire in the entire Central and Eastern European region) and George Copos (among the top 20 in the Capital 300 and Forbes 500 rankings) have expressed their disapproval of a satire documentary film which was launched yesterday. They have expressed their anger in media as well as their blogs as to the unfair portrayals the documentary presents some of the wealthy Romanians.

The documentary film by Alexandru Solomon, called ”Kapitalism, our secret recipe” is a satyric portrayal of the nouveaux riches who made their fortunes after the 1989 Revolution, most of them using illegal practices and embezzling from the State. Dinu Patriciu, claimed his top position after selling his company Rompetrol to Kazachstan’s KazMunaiGaz, which earned him over EUR 2 billion. Although an active member of PNL Liberal Party, it is not the first time Mr Patriciu expresses deeply communistic views. As for George Copos, who made his fortune with dubious privatizations, both in industry and hospitality, he should have been the last person to express ANY views on this documentary film. Mr Copos also annouced on his  blog and in the media interviews that he will start legal action against the director of the film and its producers.   

Britain’s Daily Telegraph applauded the new documentary and featured the film with the ”Photo of the Day” in its April 23rd edition.