More Indian billionaires have lavish weddings in Europe

Vinita Argawal – Muqit Taje wedding in Venice

Weddings are probably the most important social gatherings in India, families spending a fortune of their incomes, regardless of status and class, attendees having the opportunity to wear their best attires, including clothing and accessories. While most prefer the traditional tailor made clothing of the finest materials and with the most luxurious cuts and finishes, others, especially the younger generation, opt for Western style attires. Yet, even the latter, do not necessarily wear branded clothing, but rather, locally, tailor made outfits using the finest local materials such as silk.

The experience is also enhanced by choosing top venues, either luxurious private residentials such as villas or palaces or the most luxurious hotels. For instance, the Taj Mahal, Oberoi and the Four Seasons are regarded as the ”must have” venues for weddings in India’s financial capital and largest city, Mumbai. Top luxury car brands are a must, not only for the ride of the bride and groom but also for guests to highlight their status and wealth. That is why, it does not come as a surprise that the top luxury car brands are the main sponsors of wedding fairs and exhibitions. But in the past decade, wealthy Indians choose European locations for their weddings, especially Italy and France.

The ”trend” was kindled by Indian steel billionaire Lakshmi Mittal, who hosted the wedding of his daughter in Vaux le Vicomte, one of France’s most luxurious heritage chateaus, spending an estimated US$ 60 million. The wedding of bride Vanisha Mittal and bridegroom Amit Bhatia, a Delhi-born investment banker was attended by 1.000 guests from all over the world, in a series of events over five days, staged in some of the France’s most famous settings. The actual engagement ceremony took place at the Palace of Versailles, once the home to Louis XIV. There was also a lavish dinner for the guests at the Jardin des Tuileries on the right bank in Paris.

Last year, another steel tycoon, of the Jindal family organized the wedding of his daughter at Il Borro, the Ferragamo family legendary estate in Tuscany, with some events taking place in Florence. A number of 200 high profile guests from India and worldwide attended the very exclusive parties.

This year, in May, it was the turn of industrial Indian billionaire Pradon Argawal to host the wedding of his daughter Vinita with high profile tycoon Muquit Taje, also in Italy, in Venice. The wedding ceremonies lasted for three days and one of the main venues was the ultra luxury San Clemente Resort, with music provided by Gotan Project. The cost of the wedding was estimated at US$ 28,5 million.