‘Montblanc meets Samsung’, CPP-LUXURY.COM ad campaign of the year

Through a recently launched viral ad campaign, German luxury writing instruments specialist Montblanc has succeeded to maintain and even increase its relevance and functionality, two of its brand DNA pillars in today’s digital world, by executing a most sensible association with hi-tech brand Samsung.

The new Montblanc app for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 not only recreates the natural connection between the use of a pen on a pad, but it also enhances a new Montblanc x Samsung luxury lifestyle relationship, which equally attracts long time fountain-pen and smartphone users. Montblanc’s exquisitely crafted leather accessories for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 enforces the luxury positioning of such brand associations.

Watch here the ‘Montblanc meets Samsung’ ad campaign here.

Montblanc meets Samsung Galaxy Note 4 ad campaign