Moncler reports 20% growth in turnover for full year 2014

Italian luxury house of Moncler reports continued growth in all international markets for the full year 2014 with a 20% increase in revenues to a total of 694,2 million euros and a generation of 60 million euros in cash. Adjusted EBITDA was at 232.9 million euros compared to 191.7 million euros in 2013 while adjusted EBIT was 206.6 million euros compared to 172.5 million euros in 2013

Remo Ruffini, Moncler’s Chairman and CEO of Moncler, commented: “We are proud to have delivered a strong performance also in 2014 with Moncler again achieving double-digit growth in both revenues and profits and generating a significant level of cash. Moncler sales rose 20% to 694 million euros, driven by the excellent performance of both the retail and wholesale distribution channels. In particular, retail sales benefited not only from the contribution made by the new stores but also from considerable organic growth which accelerated in the final months of the year, resulting in an 8% increase in comparable store sales in FY2014.

Ruffini added: ”Looking ahead to 2015, I have confidence in our growth despite the persistence of a number of uncertainties in the world. Moncler brand perception has become stronger in all the markets in which we operate, we are focusing on excellence in all what we do, starting from our products, and we are continuing our project to develop a network of top quality retail stores. We currently have 20 new secured locations which will be opened during the year, including a flagship store in Tokyo Ginza. But, as always, we are constantly seeking new goals, my team and I continue to aim to do more and to do it better”.

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