Missoni designs Barcelona’s hottest new restaurant

As traditional tapas become the grounds for fervid experimentation, paired with a cocktail culture that prides itself as “liquid cuisine,” the Barcelona is now a world capital of food and much credit for this must go to the string of venues launched by Adrià and his brother Albert, previously a member of elBulli’s kitchen brigade.

Even more so now that the already-cult 41 Grados and Tickets were joined in the spring of this year by the newest family treasure: focused on Nikkei, an unexpected mixture of Japanese and Peruvian cuisines, the restaurant Pakta (C/ Lleida, 5, 08004 Barcelona, Spain) has quickly drawn attention, due in part to its stunning (and decisively “Missoni-feeling”) interior design created by Spanish firm El Equipo Creativo, with architectural elements and furniture referencing Japanese minimalism and chromatic decorative elements inspired by the Peruvian loom.