Ministry of Culture to participate as a potential buyer in an art auction (Romania)

The summer edition of ARTMARKs art auction event which will take place on June 25th at JW Marriott in Bucharest is likely to attract not only weathy collectors and wealthy art lovers but also a state authority, the Ministry of Culture. The ministry is seeking to buy back a famous painting which is part of Romanias cultural patrimony. The works that will go on auction are signed by famous Romanian painters Grigorescu, Tonitza, Iancu, Ghiata, Baba and the starting prices range from EUR 100 to EUR 1 million. Bidders can participate in person or by phone and pre-established order.
This is the third major auction event organized by ARTMARK, the first being in Fall 2008. We believe such glamorous events will be an attraction for art lovers but also status seeking wealthy people. Although still in its early days, the Romanian art mark will likely flourish in close connection with luxury consumers.