Milan’s ‘Bosco Verticale’ Vertical Forest luxury residential towers, now completed!

After two years of construction, the project realised by Boeri Studio, has been finally completed. The so-called Bosco Verticale, the Vertical Forest, costed $2.5 billion of public-private investment and it meant to be one of the most important elements within the redevelopment of Milan’s Porta Nuova district.

The two towers are 260 feet and 367 feet high and include 800 trees between 9 and 30 feet tall. Also 15,000 plants, such as vines and perennials, have been used to cover ground. Milan is known to be the Italian city with the highest level of pollution, for this reason the main purpose of the project has been to give the city a different face. Nevertheless, the buildings come with a water recycling and irrigation system as well as a photovoltaic solar cells.

The Bosco Verticale has been included in the list of the five buildings running for the International Highrise Award 2014. The chance of being ranked number one building is very high, not only for its innovative look but also for its beautiful architecture.

Milan’s vertical forest is ready! ‘The Bosco Verticale’ luxury residential project