Mercedes Benz launches new compact GLA SUV at Shanghai Auto Show

Mercedes Benz has confirmed the launching of its new compact SUV concept, the GLA, at Shanghai Auto Show which debuts April 21. Conceived to help owners “escape the everyday” at 4.38 meters long and 1.97 meters wide. Under the hood is a four-cylinder, 2-liter turbocharged petrol  engine capable of pumping out 211bhp via a seven-speed double-clutch  automatic transmission.

The inside of the cabin benefits from prodigious use of leather and  aluminium. Other interesting interior touches include light-emitting air  vents that shine blue when the air conditioning is set below 22°C and start  to glow a brighter red as the heat is turned up.

The car also boasts externally mounted 3D/HD cameras that give the  driver a clear, birds-eye view of everything surrounding the car, but that can  also be removed and mounted on a helmet or mountain bike so that families can  record their adventures. The cameras can also be operated to make films or take still photos while the  car is in motion and, thanks to an integrated, front-mounted lens, can  project those images directly on to a wall or any other vertical surface, essentially turning  the car into a mobile drive-in cinema.

Mercedes-Benz new GLA compact SUV concept