Meissen opens Villa Meissen Couture flagship in Shanghai

Germain luxury porcelaine maker Meissen opened its luxury flagship concept, Villa Meissen Couture, in Shanghai at Hengshanfang buildings. Meissen’s second flagship in China, after Beijing and the largest Villa Meissen in the world, boasts the complete offering of the brand in an amble space sprea over three floors. The first floor features the couture and accessories products, the second floor is dedicated to fine art and the home collectons while the third floor features the studio. The store also includes a Vip Cafe.

At the festive opening ceremonies, MEISSEN® announced its cooperation with the well-known Chinese artist Zhou Chunya. One of China’s most outstanding contemporary artists, Zhou has created pieces such as “Stone”, “Green Dog”, “Peach Blossom” and many other masterpieces. In the context of the cooperation, Zhou and MEISSEN® will jointly develop porcelain paintings, sculptures, teapots and vases. Part of the revenues from sales of these items will be donated to the “Art Helps the Handicapped” programme, which is run by the “5 Colours” foundation that Zhou Chunya established.