MARIELLA BURANI officially declared bankrupt

Thursday, judges at a Milan court declared officially bankrupt the B.D.H. Holding which indirectlty controls MARIELLA BURANI Group. For months, the Italian group has been seeking soutions with financing banks, which refuse to proceed unless the Burani family shows it has at least EUR 50 million available as part of a capital increase of EUR 83 million.

Mariella Burani includes apparel RENE LEZARD, MARIELLA BURANI and accessories BALDINI and COCCINELLE.

Directly affected will also be the worlwide franchisees of Mariella Burani Group brands. In Central and Eastern Europe, monobrand franchise brands of the groups are present in Bucharest (Mariella Burani, Coccinelle), Warsaw (Baldini, Coccinelle) Kiev (Baldini, Mariella Burani), Sofia (Baldini), Ljubljana (Baldini), Chisinau (Baldini), Bratislava (Baldini), Prague (Baldini, Coccinelle), Zagreb (Baldini), Skopje (Baldini)