Marc Jacobs pop up store accepts Likes and Tweets instead of cash

Open during New York Fashion Week, the ‘Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop’ will include a lounge, a nail art area, photo booth and a bar. But there’s something fresh about this pop-up where Daisy fragrances and accessories will be ready and waiting to be given away in exchange for a little social media publicity. Using the #MJDaisyChain hashtag on your instagram and twitter posts will be rewarded with freebees, and the best instagram shot of the day will apparently win a Marc Jacobs handbag.

It’s not yet clear how much your tweets will be worth, or whether they’ll be more valuable for the number of re-tweets you manage to generate. The Marc Jacobs pop-up will take place from February 7-9 during the upcoming Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week.

Marc Jacobs bag bar