Manolo Blahnik opens new store in Doha, Qatar

Manolo Blahnik has recently opened a new store in Doha, Qatar, at Salam in the Gate Mall. Designed by London-based Nick Leith-Smith, the 430-sq.-ft. store exudes opulence with a neutral palette that recalls the quality of light and the vast landscapes of the Rub’ al Khali desert and the Sabkha salt flats.

Expanding on the brand’s Dubai flagship, the new store includes an intricate white hardwood screen, handcarved in a tessellated stone coral pattern that reflects the mathematical complexity of Islamic architectural detailing. The shoes on display are set against an elaborate geometric canvas unrolled along the back wall. A circular, tiered display table and low upholstered ottomans provide contrast to the palette and glass cabinetry with rich jewel hues.

Manolo Blahnik new store Doha, Qatar