Manolo Blahnik opens new London store at Burlington Arcade

Manolo Blahnik has recently opened a new store store in London at Burlington Arcade. Spread over three floors of retail space reaching over 1,000 sq ft, the store is decorated with antique-inspired detailing melded with splashes of Blahnik’s signature brights. It’s been 44 years since the opening of his first, and until now only, London store – on Chelsea’s Old Church Street.

“I don’t belong to this kind of crowd who have money injected by big companies or conglomerates, I never wanted to do that, but we did want to open another shop. I always knew that I wanted to wait until I found somewhere that meant something to me, and this place did,” he said, gesturing towards the Georgian arches that punctuate the arcade’s tiled walkway. “The arcade is not exactly what it used to be, but I adore it. I used to come here all the time, when I was young, and look at cashmere or the shoe shops. Most of what I do is still by hand, so we feel at home here.” (Vogue)