Mandarin Oriental, Taipei brings genuine ‘Versailles’ grandeur to Taiwan

The grandeur of Versailles meets modern luxury hospitality at Mandarin Oriental’s new Taipei property, as FOUR IV’s design for the hotel’s public spaces brings European chic to the Asian market. The design captures the spirit of high European society, making this the perfect social stage for interactions of all kinds. Grand majestic spaces where guests can indulge and celebrate, balanced by more discreet and intimate spaces for closer gatherings of family and friends to meet and converse.

The FOUR IV design team closely studied Parisian fabrics and styles, and researched metalworking and detailing skills from French artisans. The driveway and arrival experience were a key point of focus, as FOUR IV looked to recreate the exclusivity of the chateau approach, with its elaborate gates and majestic parade of trees.

The resulting environment has an opulent and notably bespoke feel. Sumptuous fabrics and intricate detailing evoke the stately sophistication of the French chateau style, while the fresh colour palette and clean finishing contextualizes the design perfectly in the 21st century.

“ The client wanted to import a European design sensibility into Asia, resulting in a truly unique design for the market. The fantastical result combines a unique vision coupled with startling artesian finishes to truly inspire the audience.” Chris Dewar-Dixon, Founder and Director at FOUR IV