Macy’s expands downtown LA flagship

Having recently announced the closure of 100 stores, Macy’s is investing heavily in its LA flagship by opening a visitor center downtown.

The 250,000 square foot Macy’s flagship at The Bloc has been propelled forward by brand partnerships with the retailer, such as a new Nike training space and a LensCrafters shop in shop. The visitor center is Macy’s newest attempt to connect with its tourist customers.

“This is one of the bigger remodels in the Southwest region so it’s a significant investment for our company and it complements what Ratkovich, the developer, is doing,” Macy’s district VP Michael Ellmann said.

Ellmann continued, “It’s really a transformation and we have the latest, greatest, innovative shopping solutions. It’s all state-of-the-art, both in technology and aesthetics. If you come to our downtown L.A. Macy’s store, you’re seeing Macy’s as a corporation putting their best foot forward for the future. Every innovative idea that Macy’s has as a corporation is being put into downtown L.A.”

With the recent announcement that Macy’s is closing 100 stores nationwide, the investment in LA is particularly noteworthy. Up north, San Francisco’s Men’s store, the only of its kind in the chain, did not make the cut and will be closing.

The downtown LA store has seen double digit growth since its major renovations earlier this spring, according to Ellmann, and is banking heavily on the revitalization of downtown LA as a shopping destination.

Macy’s Plaza, Downtown LA