Luxury Travel Still in its Early Days in Eastern Europe


Unfortunately, the luxury travel market still remains at the very beginning in Romania and emerging markets, except for Hungary. Could this be a niche that could be exploited by the big operators ? We are talking about the major retailers, who persist in putting the equal sign between exotic travel and luxury travel, putting these pachages up for sale alongside all other offers.


There has been, after 1989 a VIP department (Amex) in Marshal (touring agency) and dedicated personnel, but after 1995 these initiatives were no longer present in the market, even though an evolution was to be expected. To offer dedicated luxury services is more than to simply arrange an offer which contains five star hotels and exotic destinations.


This is happening while more and more Romanians are contacting the services of specialized agencies in Hungary, Germany and the UK. Abercrombie Kent (UK) or Tui are just two of the international companies that have faithful customers in Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia.


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