Luxury outlets come up with innovative ideas to attract clients

The outlet segment of the luxury market is making drastic changes in order to attract more clients. As the economic crisis has made the customers wearier when it comes to spending, business executives now have to come up with various strategies to attract more clients. If before the crisis the main objective of the luxury outlet shopper was the brand, now this trend has changed. According to Desirée Bollier, the CEO of Value Retail – the leader on the outlet market, which is present in 9 European countries with the Chic Outlet Shopping Village concept - the current tendency is for the buyer to look for a shopping experience, not just a brand. Consequently, many outlet concepts are trying to offer an integrated activity package for the clients.

Also, another important client base they focus on are tourists. Outlet villages organise tours of the village, of the surroundings and even visits at local museums for the groups of tourists take cross their path in order to offer them a more pleasant shopping experience. ‘Tourist clients spend three times more than local ones, they have more time, they don’t need to return home and prepare dinner – shopping is part of their vacation’ adds Bollier.