Luxury Lifestyle Awards consolidates its position as a leading luxury event

CPP-LUXURY.COM has recently partnered with the 2014 edition of Luxury Lifestyle Awards. Denis Rozhkov, Project manager nand member of the Organizing Committee of “Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2014” spoke to us about the event.

What prompted you to set up Luxury Lifestyle Awards?
Any market for goods and services in any country undergoing several stages of development. Now the luxury market is undergoing a transition from quantitative to qualitative change, so this award is needed to track annual trends in the development of the luxury market.

Which is the criteria for the prizes you offer annually?

- nominees are the companies and brands of luxury class at the international level.

- companies must strictly comply with the criteria of each of the nominations approved by LLA

- the Award is aimed to obtain of impartial, independent, and large-scale evaluation of the companies.

- recognition of outstanding achievements in the luxury market

- luxury brands promotion among their target audience

- recognition of a high level of proficiency in luxury business

- creating platform for networking among leading luxury market players at the awards ceremony

- creating opportunities for international business development

- promotion of the company / brand among the target audience of potential customers worldwide

How has the perception of luxury lifestyle evolved in the past 5 years? 

Over the last years the notion of luxury has been transformed from being something regarded as unaffordable into something seen as attainable. Today it is no longer only millionaires and billionaires who can afford to purchase luxury items. Most relatively affluent people (especially the vast majority of home owners who face no mortgage repayment commitments) can aspire to a luxurious car, timepiece or jewelry and go on vacations to a luxurious resort. Society in general and the luxury sector has become more democratic.

With so many luxury award events, which are the competitive advantages of your event?

Most of ongoing professional awards have narrow-aimed nature and B2B oriented. Thus selection is carried out of: hotels, real estate and travel companies.

LLA, in turn, more image-award unites representatives of various sectors of luxury segment and generalize luxury business and B2C directed.

What are the novelties for the 2014 edition of your awards?

One of the main novelties for the LLA 2014’ edition is that Award transformed from a “general” prize to the “segmented” one. So, in other words, if it previously were represented by all countries in one Award, from now it held several times a year in different regions: Europe, Middle East, Russia and the CIS, and in each of the Prize participating individual companies belonging to one or other regions.

Your event is supported annually by major luxury brands. What are the main benefits?

The solemn ceremony of Luxury Lifestyle Awards is an effective platform for communication of leading luxury market players, which enables the development of international business communication and partner relations, as well as promotion of brands of luxury class among their target audience.

The winners and nominees of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards are entitled to use the symbols of the winner and nominee of the Award for advertising purposes. Winner’s emblem is an effective marketing tool for the company’s/brand’s promotion at the international market. Receiving the Award proves company’s exceptional nature in the eyes of professional community.

2014 Luxury Lifestyle Awards