Luxury hospitality excellence – an interview with Jeremy Goring

CPP-LUXURY.COM has recently interviewed Jeremy Goring, CEO of the legendary The Goring Hotel in London.

1. Your hotel has recently undergone a significant renovation. Tell us more.

We have stripped every inch of the hotel back to bare bricks and renovated it lovingly, working with the top 3 designers in Britain. In particular, rooms and suites have been created using Gainsborough Silks carefully put together by Russell Sage. And the front hall was reimagined, featuring stunning Fromental hand painted silk wallpaper laden with weird and wonderful animals. We are the newest / oldest 5 star hotel in town.

2. What are the main competitive advantages of an independent ownership?

We focus on guests, service, staff.

3. Besides the Royal Warrant, your restaurant has received a Michelin star distinction. How important are these recognitions for your hotel?

It’s nice to be liked! The Forbes Five Star award was especially wonderful because it is ALL about service, and we were the only London hotel to be added this year. My team put in huge efforts to ensure we were at the very highest level in terms of the tiny things we do for our guests.

4. Have you considered expanding with other properties?

Yes, but we have too much fun here at The Goring!

5. What are the key attributes that define your hotel as quintessentially English?

I think it is the warm and genuine welcome tempered by the ability to know when to step back.

6. Which are your key markets in terms of loyal guests?

The World

7. How important is innovation for you, both in terms of service and product?

Everything we do is state of the art but technology must be a slave to the guest, never the other way around. Today, our guests find technology things boring, not clever, so they must be hidden or made to feel analogue.

8. What are the novelties guests will discover in 2016 at The Goring?

Two FABULOUS new private dining spaces, and a Gin Safari that will define summer in London

Jeremy Goring, CEO The Goring London