Luxury Hi-Tech Made in England – Rinz Sound

CPP-LUXURY.COM has recently interviewed exclusively Arina Sprynz, the young entrepreneur behind British luxury design sound specialist company Rinz Sound

How did you start Rinz Sound? And what was your motivation?

Since my early childhood I have been surrounded by famous tunes of Claude Debussy and Mozart, as my brother was a professional piano player. And after moving to London, I missed waking up to live music. I remember I was searching for a pair of speakers which would create a statement in my living room without compromising on the sound qualities. I couldn’t find what I was looking for and decided to approach sound engineers to help me create something unique.

Which of the following features you consider as the key to the DNA of your brands: performance, design, service and/or luxury lifestyle.

All of them! I do believe that it’s essential to combine all those elements in order to build a successful brand. Rinz Sound developed an ultimate product- combining the aesthetics with the functionality.

What is your direct competitive set?

I don’t have any direct competition, as I have combined the three most important elements: Innovative material, advanced technology and the aesthetics. I don’t state that other luxury brands are not following the same strategy- but no one else took a challenge of manufacturing sound systems out of Recycled Glass.

If I had to distinguish my competition- it would be something between high-end Hi-Fi speaker manufacturer and a luxury interior design company.

How important is your British base? Which were the biggest challenges you faced when setting up your company and defining your brand?

Although being a resident in Britain for 7 years- sometimes I still having troubles understanding the culture. But I can guarantee, that it’s much quicker and easier to open your own company here, than in Eastern Europe. It’s great that the country is interested in supporting young talent and helping them grow.

“Made in Britain” – translates as “Made with Quality” and I am proud to say, that every single piece of glass which is used in the speakers is locally sourced and placed by hand.

My biggest challenge – was to introduce a luxury product made out of Recycled Materials, as most of the clients had an understanding that “Luxury” & “Recycling” don’t blend together. Luckily, I launched my speakers at the right time when the new “Recycled Luxury” trend started to grow.

Recycled Luxury is the latest movement amongst fashion and product designers such as Emporio Armani, Vivienne Westwood and Hermès, who are putting a positive impact in the World using the recycled materials without compromising on the quality.

In today’s hectic economic environment with many emerging markets overtaking mature ones, what is your view on consumers purchasing a product because of how recognizable it is, rather than performance of craftsmanship.

I believe that purchasing a well-known brand is convenient and time saving, as you would probably already be familiar with their product and their reputation in the market. It’s also a trend and lifestyle reflector- that dominates the market.

But I do know that craftsmanship is not disappearing- is actually rising, as some of the clients have desires and visions which they would like to fulfil. Most of the luxury brands are offering a bespoke service, which is an ultimate experience for the client to be a part of the creation.

You recently introduced a sustainable product. Tell us more.

Having a background in the Luxury market and being intrigued by new and innovative materials- I launched The World’s First Recycled Glass Speakers, Sound systems which are tailor-made in England using locally sourced glass and advanced sound technology.

It’s a luxury product made out of recycled materials and eco manufacturing processes.

What are your plans in terms of expansion? Do you target any particular markets?

As known, London is the ultimate city and I am happy to be based here. But I am planning to introduce the speakers in other countries and am currently creating limited edition collections for China and UAE.

Which are the novelties you are considering for future product development?

My novelty is the shape of the speakers. Not only is it my trademark but it’s also designed in a certain way which helps to achieve the best sound reproduction quality.

Sahara Speakers by Rinz Sound