LUX Belle Mare Mauritius unveils refurbished look

Situated in Mauritius’ oceanside village of Belle Mare, the LUX Belle Mare Resort unveils a refurbished look. UK based designer Kelly Hoppen was appointed to  revive the resort’s 174 suites, 12 villas, and overall interiors, with the aim to instill a feeling of sanctuary. “I wanted to create a lighter idea of luxury,” she says. “It isn’t necessary to have so much clutter and fussy objects in a room when you just want to relax. The more I designed, the lighter and simpler it became—like the stunning island it lives on.”

Keeping it light meant using bleached wood for the suites’ furnishings, including the trestle tables and headboards. A selection of suite bathrooms feature entirely tongue and groove bleached panel walls—found in others only in the cabinetry. Though the wood’s use varies, it’s a common backdrop creating a sense of continuity in the layout.

Simple white wicker and wood furnishings in common spaces and restaurants draw on this theme, and are complemented by taupe linen coverlets adhering to Hoppen’s signature neutral palette of white, cream, taupe, and beige mingled with brighter accent colors such as lime and orange. This lightness continues within the LUX Me spa, which features natural wood finishes and Asian elements reflecting Hoppen’s well known East-meets-West design philosophy.

Without affecting the overall quality of design, Hoppen set out to make each resort space multifunctional to suit the myriad needs of its guests. To overcome this challenge, floors and joineries throughout the resort were maintained to create a flow between its indoor and outdoor spaces. A unique color in each area —such as the crimson and turquoise accents at the Beach Rouge restaurant—creates illusory partitions and a sense of individuality in the open spaces.

The restaurant also features white wicker hanging basket fixtures to mirror their dark stained counterparts suspended in select suites and villas. Beach-inspired textures and pops of mossy plant décor are subtle yet dramatic amidst the soft tones of the rooms’ bedding and window treatments, made with linen and cotton textiles to incorporate an island feel. Water-inspired lacquer countertops and surfaces reference the nearby ocean and create a contrast with the driftwood element.