Louis Vuitton to open in Warsaw, Poland

After several delays especially due to the lack of appropriate luxury retail real estate, Louis Vuitton is set to open Spring 2013 in the Polish capital of Warsaw. Despite the size of the market and the maturity of its economy mostly driven by industry, Polish wealthy are less drawn to luxury branded products than all other nationals in Eastern Europe. Poland is also the country in Eastern Europe with the smallest number of mono-brand stores by major international luxury brands.

Louis Vuitton is expected to open with the Vitkac Department store, also known as Wolf Bracka building. Other luxury brands at the gallery of Vitkac Department store in Warsaw with mono-brand stores are: Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Diesel, Saint Laurent Paris and Lanvin. Luxury fashion brands in multi-brand spaces are: Celine, Paul Smith, McQ by Alexander McQueen etc. The Gallery also features Mon Credo high end fragrances stores (Costume National, Shaik, Lubin Paris, CNR, Neotantric etc)