Louis Vuitton opens new store in Paris on Place Vendome

The new Louis Vuitton store is a combination of two elegant Parisian mansions, one that looks on to Place Vendome, the other that runs along the Faubourg St Honoré. Inside, the product selection reflects the exteriors. On the side of Place Vendome, the world’s leading retail center for expensive jewelry, the choice is given over to Vuitton’s current boom division, high-end jewelry and gentlemanly watches. As one walks the 50-meter long store south to the Faubourg, one discovers the first handbags and accessories, and then a few select pieces of women’s ready-to-wear.

The designer of the store, Peter Marino covered most of the interior walls with the iconic Pierre de Paris, the light beige stone with which many of the finest buildings in the City of Light are composed. “We took the outside and brought it inside,” he said.

Marino  was also the curator of the art collection of some 30 works that are featured prominently throughout the store. Marino nods towards a quartet of chalky colored stacks of rumpled boulders, a striking work by Annie Morris; it stands besides substantial navy blue Vuitton trunk, covered in butterflies, which turns out to be a Medical cabinet by Damien Hirst.

Old friends of the house like Stephen Sprouse are featured with an image of four speakers; and one cannot help but admire a white, wrought iron like chandelier by Philippe Anthonioz. Though pride of place might go to a black and white oil in the shape of a medallion of founder Louis Vuitton, based on a photo of him as a promising young hopeful who left his native mountainous region of the Jura to open a brand in Paris in 1854.

This is the seventh store of the Louis Vuiton Maison in Paris.

Maison Louis Vuitton Place Vendome