Louis Vuitton increases prices, again

Based on its own store observations, HSBC spotted price increases at Louis Vuitton stores of around 10 percent on most non-leather bags such as the Speedy and the NeverFull in the euro-zone, and of 10 percent or more in the UK and in the United States. It also noted price increases of 5-10 percent on the same goods in several Asian markets including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. LVMH shares, which lost 6.5 percent since the beginning of the year, closed up 1.3 percent on Tuesday at 131.3 euros

This is the second price increase after the 8 percent increase Vuitton applied last year to all its accessories (including handbags, shoes) in Europe, the main reason being to counter the growing number of Asian shoppers in Europe, motivated by the lower prices.

Louis Vuitton, Spring Summer 2013 ad campaign