Louis Vuitton denies launching any products exclusively for China

“At the risk of shocking everyone, the [rate of] sales growth at Louis Vuitton is not a problem,” said LVMH Chairman and CEO Bernard Arnault at a shareholders’ meeting, stating that slow growth was part of the company’s “deliberate strategy” to become more exclusive.

Last week, international media reported that the slow down in sales in China has prompted Louis Vuitton to produce logo-free products for China and a photo of Fan Bingbing with a logo-less Vuitton bag was given circulated as being the new logo-free advertising of Louis Vuitton in China. In response, earlier this week, Louis Vuitton has denied launching any products exclusively for China or developing any specific logo-free products and insists that the photo is not an approved Louis Vuitton advertising.

Fan Bingbing in Louis Vuitton at 2013 Cannes Film Festival