Louis Vuitton and Gucci plan major openings in Brazil by the end of 2012

Brazil continues to be the driver of the entire Latin American region, followed closely only by Mexico, in terms of development pace. Following the opening of the first Prada mono-brand store, Louis Vuitton is preparing to consolidate its presence in Brazil, with another store, this time, a global store concept ”Maison Vuitton” in Sao Paolo, a concept which not only has a more luxurious interior design and a larger space than the regular stores but also provides several bespoke services. Vuitton already operates four store in Sao Paolo.

Italian luxury brand GUCCI is opening next year, its second mono-brand store in Brazil, this time a major flagship store, the largest in South America. The future Gucci store will cover over 800 sqm and will feature all product lines, including children. Gucci has been operating two store in Brazil, both in Sao Paolo. In South America, Gucci is present through mono-brand stores only in Brazil.