Los Angeles customs seize 20.000 counterfeit Louboutin shoes

The import of counterfeit luxury goods has been on the rise in the past years in the U.S., with California being one of the top three ports of entry predominantly from Asia. One of the recent ”captures” of Los Angeles border customs is a stock originating from China, of 20.000 pairs of fake shoes branded Christian Louboutin, the famed French shoemaker. The wholesale price of the Louboutin shoes was 4 dollars, compared to 400 dollars, the minimum for a genuine pair of Louboutin shoes. This is the largest single shipment of counterfeited products by a niche luxury brand, the ”leading” counterfeited list of brands being dominated by Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Hermes and Chanel.

Counterfeit Louboutin shoes seized by Los Angeles customs (photo AFP)