LOEWE’s sensible ‘re’-branding

Spanish luxury house of Loewe is marking a new chapter in its evolution and the recently appointed Creative Director, Jonathan Anderson seems to have perfectly understood the power of the iconic brand.

What seemed to be a very hasty change of logo upon his appointment and the recent capsule collection ads (#PastPresentFuture, #LoeweJWA) inspired by iconic images by Steven Meisel demonstrate the true power of Loewe, which goes beyond logos and ads, highlighting THE product.

Loewe ad campaign by Jonathan Anderson

I strongly believe Anderson could have chosen any logo style or any images, Loewe has reached a maturity level, earned by consistency, heritage and craftsmanship. What has also changed is the ‘tone’ of the brand, which has, rightfully become firm, confident and daring, especially considering Loewe’s ‘cincerella’ position for over a decade within parent company LVMH.

I have to admit Delphine Arnaud’s influence, within the LVMH Group is becoming more and more visible, with the changing gears of many of the group’s brands, especially Fendi and Givenchy. Louis Vuitton also seems to be silently preparing for a velvet ‘revolution’

Oliver Petcu

Loewe ad campaign by Jonathan Anderson